In the recent years, quartz has become a popular choice for designing kitchens and bathrooms. Its durability, nonporous nature and low-maintenance properties allow for quartz to be an excellent choice for any project.

Furthermore, at Colorstone we offer a wide variety of top quality quartz allowing for endless design possibilities.

Q2035 Planet Interstellar Cloud

Q2025 Planet Neptuno

Q2005 Planet Venus

Q2001 Planet Mercury

Q2010 Planet Mars

Q2020 Planet Jupiter

Q2030 Planet Pluto

Q3015 Planet Halley

Q830 Breeze Hull

Q815 Pearl Breeze

Q805 Blanc Breeze

Q800 Ashen Breeze

Q400 Absolute White

Q305 Night Black

Q915 Veined Deco

Q905 Veined Baroque

Q2015 Planet Saturn

Q920 Veined Michelangelo

Q927 Veined Canova

Q950 Imperial Brown

Q955 Imperial White

Q505 QF White

Q510 QF Light Grey

Q515 QF Dark Grey

Q4545 Lavic Navajo

Q205 Canadian White

Q4015 Forest Magnolia

Q4005 Forest Sughero

Q5020 Ocean Reef

Q610 Cloudy Desert

Q620 Cloudy Beige

Q600 Cloudy Black

Q605 Cloudy Brown

Q630 Portland Grey

Q625 Black and More

Q865 Fossil Seashell

Q860 Fossil Nacre

Q850 Fossil Nautilus

Q310 Titan

Q345 Twinkle White

Q4010 Forest Betulla