Pros and Cons of Different Stones for your Countertops

A simple description of the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of stones you can use for your kitchen countertops.


When choosing the right type of stone for your kitchen it's important to understand the difference between the types of stones you can choose from. Below are some of the key pros and cons between all the stones you can choose from at Colorstone.


  • Pros: Classic beauty, highly durable, heat resistant, vast color and pattern selection.

  • Cons: Porous and requires sealing to prevent stains, can chip with heavy impact, needs periodic resealing for optimal performance, higher price range.


  • Pros: Luxurious aesthetic, naturally cool surface, good heat resistance.

  • Cons: Highly susceptible to stains (acidic liquids etch the surface), scratches and chips easily, requires special cleaning products, high maintenance and potential for staining makes it less ideal for high-traffic kitchens.


  • Pros: Non-porous and stain resistant, requires minimal maintenance (no sealing needed), very durable and scratch resistant, wide variety of colors and styles available.

  • Cons: Has a less natural appeal than some stones due to its engineered nature, higher cost than granite or porcelain.


  • Pros: Similar aesthetics to marble with greater durability than granite, highly resistant to scratches and stains, and naturally heat resistant.

  • Cons: Can be more expensive than granite, and requires a sealing depending on usage.


  • Pros: Highly affordable, very resistant to stains, scratches, and heat, non-porous and requires no sealing, easy to clean and maintain.

  • Cons: Can chip if struck with significant force, less of a natural look than other stones.

Additional Considerations:

  • Aesthetics: Consider your desired kitchen style what colors, finishes, and textures you want, and how the countertop will complement your cabinets, flooring, and backsplash.

  • Usage: If you have a busy kitchen with high potential for spills and hits, then stain resistance and low maintenance become more important factors.

  • Budget: Stone countertops range in price, with some stones being more budget flexible than others.